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Ten Selected Original Research Articles

10- Kang Chen, Lai Yee Cheong, Yuan Gao, Yaming Zhang, Tianshi Feng, Qin Wang, Leigang Jin, Eric Honoré, Karen S L Lam, Weiping Wang*, Xiaoyan Hui*, Aimin Xu*, Adipose-Targeted Triiodothyronine Therapy Counteracts Obesity-Related Metabolic Complications and Atherosclerosis with Negligible Side EffectsNature Communications, 2022, 7838

9-  Yang Zhou, Yifan Gao, Li Pang, Weirong Kang, Kwan Man, Weiping Wang*, A green light-enhanced cytosolic protein delivery platform based on BODIPY-protein interactionsNano Research, 2022, doi: 10.1007/s12274-022-4948-4

8- Kaiqi Long1, Yifan Wang1, Wen Lv, Yang Yang, Shuting Xu, Changyou Zhan, Weiping Wang*, Photoresponsive Prodrug-dye Nanoassembly for in-situ Monitorable Cancer Therapy, Bioengineering & Translational Medicine, 2022, 7, 3, e10311

7- Kaiqi Long1, Han Han1, Weirong Kang, Wen Lv, Lang Wang, Yufeng Wang, Liang Ge*, Weiping Wang*, One-photon Red Light-triggered Disassembly of Small-molecule Nanoparticles for Drug DeliveryJournal of Nanobiotechnology, 2021, 19, 357

6-  Kaiqi Long1, Yang Yang1, Wen Lv, Kuan Jiang, Yafei Li, Amy Cheuk Yin Lo, Wai Ching Lam, Changyou Zhan*, Weiping Wang*, Green light-triggered intraocular drug release for intravenous chemotherapy of retinoblastoma, Advanced Science, 2021, 2101754

5-  Manman Jing1, Yafei Li1, Meimei Wang, Hao Zhang, Pengfei Wei, Yang Zhou, Nestor Ishimwe, Xiaowan Huang, Liansheng Wang, Longping Wen*, Weiping Wang*, Yunjiao Zhang*, Photoresponsive PAMAM-assembled nanocarrier loaded with autophagy inhibitor for synergistic cancer therapy, Small, 2021, 2102295.

4-  Yafei Li, Wen Lv, Lang Wang, Yaming Zhang, Lipeng Yang, Tianyi Wang, Linyong Zhu, Yufeng Wang, Weiping Wang*, Photo-triggered nucleus targeting for cancer drug delivery, Nano Research, 2021, 14, 2630–2636

3-  Wen Lv, Kaiqi Long, Yang Yang, Sijie Chen, Changyou Zhan, Weiping Wang*, A Red Light-Triggered Drug Release System Based on One-Photon Upconversion-Like Photolysis, Advanced Healthcare Materials, 2020, 2001118

2-  Wen Lv, Yafei Li, Feiyang Li, Xin Lan, Yaming Zhang, Lili Du, Qiang Zhao, David L. Phillips, Weiping Wang*, Upconversion-like photolysis of BODIPY-based prodrugs via a one-photon process, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2019, 141, 44, 17482-17486

1-  Junjie Li, Yafei Li, Yuheng Wang, Wendong Ke, Weijian Chen, Weiping Wang*, Zhishen Ge*, Polymer prodrug-based nanoreactors activated by tumor acidity for orchestrated oxidation/chemotherapy, Nano Letters, 2017, 17, 6983–6990


Invited Reviews

4-  Jinzhao Liu1, Weirong Kang1Weiping Wang*, Photocleavage-based photoresponsive drug deliveryPhotochemistry and Photobiology, 2021, DOI: 10.1111/php.13570 ( Special Issue on Emerging Developments in Photocaging.)

3-  Kaiqi Long1, Yuwei Liu1, Yafei Li and Weiping Wang*, Self-assembly of trigonal building blocks into nanostructures: molecular design and biomedical applications, Journal of Materials Chemistry B , 2020, 8, 6739--6752 (Emerging Investigator Themed Collection)

2-  Wen Lv and Weiping Wang*, One-Photon Upconversion-Like Photolysis: A New Strategy to Achieve Long-Wavelength Light-Excitable Photolysis, Synlett, 2020, 31, 1129-1134

1-  Yafei Li, Yaming Zhang and Weiping Wang*, Phototriggered targeting of nanocarriers for drug delivery, Nano Research, 2018, 11, 5424–5438