Welcome to the Wang Research Group @ HKU

The Wang Lab (LMEN) at The University of Hong Kong is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on targeted drug delivery, ocular drug delivery, photopharmacology, nanomedicine, and genome editing.

Currently, our key research areas are

  • Photoresponsive nanoparticles
  • Ocular drug delivery;  
  • Photopharmacology;
  • Engineering stimuli-responsive nanomaterials for drug delivery;
  • Engineering genetic systems (CRISPR/Cas9) in stem cells and for disease treatment;
  • Regulating autophagy for cancer therapy
Weiping Wang 2022

Prof. Weiping Wang
Associate Professor
Postdoc: Langer Lab@MIT;                                    Kohane Lab@HMS

Major Honors & Awards
•  NSFC Excellent Young Scientists Fund (港澳優青), 2022
•  Gold Medal, Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days, 2022
•  Thieme Chemistry Journals Award, 2021
•  Faculty Outstanding Research Output Award, 2020
•  Nano Research Young Innovator Award in Nanobiotechnology , 2018