08/12/2023, the research paper entitled "Near-infrared light-triggered prodrug photolysis by one-step energy transfer" was published online by Nature Communications. Dr. Kaiqi Long is the first author. Congratulations!


24/11/2023, our review paper entitled "Targeted protein delivery based on stimuli-triggered nanomedicine" was pulished online by Exploration. Congratulations!

ZY AHM Cover
Shuting AS Cover

23/11/2023, our paper entitled "Photo-Enhanced Synergistic Induction of Ferroptosis for Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy" and "Red Light-Triggered Anti-Angiogenic and Photodynamic Combination Therapy of Age-Related Macular Degeneration" was featured on the cover of Advanced Health Materials and Advanced Science, respectively. Congratulations!


20/11/2023, the research paper entitled "Amino Acid-Starved Cancer Cells Utilize Macropinocytosis
and Ubiquitin-Proteasome System for Nutrient Acquisition
" was published online by Advanced Science. Dr. Tianyi Wang and Dr. Yaming Zhang are co-first authors. Congratulations!


23/10/2023, Dr. Xiaoping ZHANG from Tianji University (TJU) joined our lab as visiting post-doctoral researcher. Warm welcome!


27/09/2023, the US Provisional Patent Application of our invention was filed as the title of "A biomimetic intraocular drug delivery system for treatment of retinoblastoma and methods thereof".


27/09/2023, Prof. Urban Lendahl from Karolinska Institute was invited by Dr. Li Dak-Sum Research Centre to talk with lab members in Wanglab about Notch signaling pathways, drug delivery systems, and future career choices.


21/09/2023, the research paper entitled "Red Light-Triggered Anti-Angiogenic and Photodynamic Combination Therapy of Age-Related Macular Degeneration" was published online by Advanced Science. Ms. Shuting Xu and Dr. Kaixuan Cui from Sun Yat-sen University are co-first authors. Congratulations!


20/09/2023, Ms. Meicen Wu and Ms. Xi Chen joined our lab as master students. Warm welcome!


15/09/2023, Dr. Yong Hu, CEO of Rhegen Bio, and Dr. Yafei Li (our 1st PhD graduate), R&D Director of Rhegen Bio, attended BIOHK2023 in Hong Kong and discussed pontential collaborations with Dr. Wang.


15/09/2021, We gathered at the activity room of Jockey Club Building to celebrate the Teacher's Day!


31/08/2023, Ms. Chang Yang from Peking University (PKU) joined our group as a PhD student. Warm welcome!


14/08/2023, Dr. Tianyi Wang and Dr. Yang Zhou shared their PhD experience in the last four years in Wang lab. Wish them all the best in the future.


07/08/2023, Mr. Yang Zhou passed the PhD thesis defence and became the 5th PhD graduate in our lab. Congratulations, Dr. Zhou!


07/08/2023, Mr. Tianyi Wang passed the PhD thesis defence and became the 4th PhD graduate in our lab. Congratulations!


09/07/2023, the paper entitled "Photo-enhanced synergistic induction of ferroptosis for anti-cancer immunotherapy" was published online by Advanced Healthcare Materials. We collaborated with Prof. Aimin Xu from the Department of Medicine, HKU. Mr. Yang Zhou and Dr. Kang Chen are the co-1st authors. Congratulations!


21/07/2021, the US Provisional Patent Application of our invention was filed as the title of "Polymersome nanoparticles exhausting intercellular amino acid for cancer therapy and methods thereof".


08/06/2021, the US Provisional Patent Application of our invention was filed as the title of "Near-infrared light-triggered upconversion-like prodrug photolysis by one-step energy transfer".


27/07/2023, our lab gathered at Victoria Harbour Restaurant to have lunch and took a picture at HKU centennial campus.


02/07/2023, Renee Ngai from Livingston High School joined our group as Summer Intern via Science Research Student Program. Welcome!


01/07/2023, our paper entitled "Carrier-free nanodrugs for stemness inhibition-enhanced photodynamic therapy", was featured on the cover of Aggregate. Congratulations!


20/06/2023, Ms. Yuwei Liu won the BEST 3MT POSTER PRESENTATION in the 13th International Nanomedicine Conference in Sydney. Congratulations!


19/06/2023, Dr. Yaming Zhang, Dr. Kaiqi Long, Mr. Yang Zhou, Ms. Shuting Xu, Ms. Yuwei Liu, and Mr. Yichi Zhang went to Australia to participate in the 13th International NanoMedicine Conference in the University of New South Wales in Sydney. They also gave an oral presentation at the conference. Good job!


12/06/2023, Ms. Xiaotong Yao from National University of Singapore (NUS) Department of Chemistry joined our lab as sumer intern students. Warm welcome!


05/06/2023, Ms. Chan Nga Weng and Mr. Yung Ching To from School of Biomedical Science and Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy joined our group as summer intern students. Warm welcome!


01/06/2023, the research paper entitled "CDK4/6 nano-PROTAC enhances mitochondria-dependent photodynamic therapy and anti-tumor immunity" was published online by Nano Today. Mr. Tianyi Wang and Dr. Yangming Zhang are co-first authors. Congratulations!


19/05/2023, the review paper entitled "Light-responsive nanomedicine for cancer immunotherapy" was published online by Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica B. Dr. Weirong Kang and Miss. Yuwei Liu are co-first authors. Congratulations!


14/04/2023, our centre staff (Ms. Bin) prepared Sushi and Cold noodles for us, and we gather at Bay view for lunch


30/03/2023, our previous review paper Photocleavage-based Photoresponsive Drug Delivery is one of the most downloaded in Photochemistry and Photobiology, awarded by Wiley press. Congratulations!


10/03/2023,We went to the cyberport to have the first casual lunch in this semester!


07/03/2023, Jinzhao and Cheng participated in the HKU Presidential Scholars Symposium held by Graduate School. Meanwhile, Kaiqi won the Dissertation Year Fellowship in the Award Presentation Ceremony. Congratulations!



01/03/2023, Ruoyu Shen from Zhejiang University joins our group as an Exchange PhD Student. Warm welcome!





15/02/2023, Dr. Ni Fan from HKU joins our group as a post-doctoral fellow. Warm welcome!


01/01/2023, our paper entitled "A green light-enhanced cytosolic protein delivery platform based on BODIPY-protein interactions", was featured on the inside cover of Nano Research.