17/12/2018, Han from China Pharmaceutical University joins our group as a visiting Master student. Welcome!


05/12/2018, Prof. Sarra Abbad from Abou Bekr Belkaid University, Algeria, joins the lab as a visiting researcher. He will stay and discuss projects with us for 10 days. Welcome!

2018 Dept Party

04/12/2018, Dr. Wang and his students joined the Christmas Lunch Party of the Department of Pharmacology & Pharmacy. Yaming fortunately got the 1st prize of the lucky draw (500 HKD). Congratulations!


02/12/2018, we hiked to the Devil’s Peak in New Kowloon. We visited the old military sites and enjoyed the beautiful view!


22/11/2018, Centre lunch at Victoria Harbour Restaurant to farewell our administrative assistant Jessica and welcome Tracy.


17/11/18, Dr. Wang was invited to help organise the Forum on Latest Trends in Global Anticancer Drug R&D at the 11th China Pharmaceutical Strategy Summit 2018, Hainan, China. Photo: Dr. Wang is chairing one symposium.

The Wang Lab 2017-2018

14/11/2018, we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our lab (LMEN) at the Ban Heung Lau restaurant at Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon. Happy Birthday, LMEN!

Chen Kang

17/10/2018, Dr. Kang Chen from the Department of Medicine, HKU joins our group as a visiting postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!


12/10/2018,  Prof. Peng-Yuan (George) Wang from Shenzhen Institute of Advance Technology (SIAT), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), visited our lab and discussed potential collaborative projects.


08/10/2018, Grace, an MMedSc student, from the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, HKU joins the group. Welcome!

Invited Lecturer

26/08/2018, Dr. Wang was invited to give a talk at the 5th International Biomaterials Symposium in Changchun, China.


22/08/2018, Dr. Wang received the IAAM Scientist Medal 2018 from the International Association of Advanced Materials. The award ceremony was held in European Advanced Materials Congress in Stockholm, Sweden, where Dr. Wang was also invited to give a talk.


16-20/08/2018, invited by Prof. Urban Lendahl, Dr. Wang visited Karolinska Institutet (KI). He visited several research groups and delivered two presentations in two departments. Photo: Dr. Wang with Prof. Lendahl at the Huddinge campus of KI.


07/08/2018, Long from Nanjing Agricultural University joins the group as a student research assistant. Welcome!

2018 summer students-1

03/08/2018, we had a seafood lunch together to welcome summer students.


01/08/2018, Yining from Sichuan University joins the group as a student research assistant. Welcome!


27/07/2018, we departed from the beautiful Victoria Harbour and enjoyed Squid Fishing.


25/07/2018, Zijian from Tsinghua University joins the group as a student research assistant. Welcome!

Screenshot 2018-07-18 11.34.41

16/07/2018, Jiaqi and Sijie from Tsinghua University and Zhejiang University, respectively, join the group as a student research assistant via the HKU Laboratory Exchange programme. Welcome!


09/07/2018, we had a group lunch at a typical Hong-Kong-style restaurant with other lab members doing research in the Mainland China (believing they can have delicious food as well).


05/07/2018, Dr. Wang delivered a keynote talk and co-chaired the session of Cancer Therapy at the 3rd Asian University Symposium for Biomedical Engineering (AUSBME2018) at Kyung Hee University, Seoul, South Korea. Photo: Dr. Wang with Asian academic friends.


30/06/2018, Dr. Wang was just awarded the 2018 Nano Research Young Innovator Awards in Nanobiotech (NR45: 45 innovators under the age of 45).


25/06/2018, Prof. Jianping Lei from Nanjing University joins the centre as a visiting professor. He will stay and discuss projects with us for two weeks. Welcome!

File Jun 20, 4 30 52 PM

25/06/2018, Phoebe from Emory University joins the group as a student research assistant. Welcome!


18/06/2018, the invited review entitled "Phototriggered targeting of nanocarriers for drug delivery" was accepted by Nano Research. Yafei is the 1st author. Congratulations!

File May 29, 10 24 02 AM

20/05/2018, we visited Tai O Fishing Village. Hong Kong–Zhuhai–Macau Bridge is on the background of the photo. A beautiful day!

File May 04, 4 08 56 PM

04/05/2018, some of our LMEN members had a great opportunity to meet Prof. Urban Lendahl, a member of the Nobel Assembly for Physiology or Medicine (chairman in 2012). During the meeting, Prof. Lendahl provided suggestions on many research and career-related topics. Thank Prof. Lendahl for the continuous support on LMEN's development.


03/04/2017, Dr. Zhuang joins the group as a postdoctoral fellow. Welcome!

Screenshot 2018-03-23 14.04.27

08/03/2018, Kaiqi is awarded the Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) for pursuing his PhD in the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, HKU. HKPF Scheme aims at attracting the best and brightest students in the world to pursue their PhD studies in Hong Kong's universities. Congratulations!

File May 29, 10 45 16 AM

26/01/2018, we celebrated the new year at the Thaya restaurant in the Western District, HK Island. Happy Chinese New Year!

ZHANG Yaming1

10/01/2018, Yaming is admitted as a PhD student (Dr. Wang as her principal supervisor) in the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacy, HKU. Congratulations!